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This book is written to be a general wake-up call for climate and sustainability awareness of "human population" in "spaceship" called Earth. Sustainability problems are just knocking on our doors more-and-more loudly and we are still not taking any comprehensive actions against critical changes. As it is always easier to hide garbage under the ground, and dig our heads into sand instead of facing real lethal problems of civilization we created.

I expect to have 7.4 billion stakeholders who would be interested in current topic and discussion of the book. According to my view the biggest and most urgent sustainability issue is global warming. In order having moderately positive messages book ends with proposals, amendments for 21th and predictions for 22nd Century.

This book gives unique content-context by interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach of the most critical climate threat and other relevant sustainability issues Humanity will soon face with. The language and examples are easily understandable for everyone. It doesn't want to be "overscienced" "over-excelsheetized" and do really want to give credible but simple explanations and amendment on issues.

All citizens must be involved into sustainability resolution and with easy reading and understanding is a must in that aspect. Scientific content AND the lightweight reading together are the unique combination of the work as I expect it.

Enjoy this journey!
The Author


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