Table of Contents

• Foreword

• Introduction

• Let's start with difficult issues and some definitions

   - The biggest lie of the history
   - Sustainable growth is purely nonsense
   - ...the game is not fatally and irrevocably lost.
   - Growing debt, deeper crisis, consequences
   - World War III. - The endgame of the current society
   - Using up resources, degrading life essentials
   - Companies social responsibility (CSR)
   - Global environmental policy, global legal regulation, global awareness of environment
   - Environmental tax - could be an easily adoptable solution
   - Timeline contradiction in environmental tax
   - Conclusion for product environmental tax introduction
   - Sustainable development or sustainable growth?
   - Material limitations
   - New paradigm appears

• PEST analysis - Are the stakeholders ready for a paradigm change?

   1. Political aspect
      1.1. Communication of the climate issue
      1.2. Decision makers' and advisors' responsibilities
      1.3. Political games behind the climate issues
      1.4. (C)SR© definition

   2. Economics aspects

      When basic principle rules change, economics will change accordingly
      2.1. Announcement of a global project launch
      2.2 What will be the consequence? Changes in economics

   3. Ecological aspects

      3.1. Strengthening food production capacities and efficiencies
      3.2. Fostering regeneration capabilities of biosphere's ecosystem

   4. Social Aspects

      4.1. Resource allocation
      4.2. Tolerance
      4.3. Mutual confidence
      4.4. The hidden war we are living in: The online World War III.
      4.5. Moral crisis: Hacked world vs. true new era

   5. Technological aspects

      5.1. New technologies availability
      5.2. Hacking the environmental technologies limits and effects is trick of the polluters
      5.3. Hacking communication technologies
      5.4. Hacking the governor's seat: The Lubitz case study
      5.5. Resource allocation for scientific researches

• Climate issue and other side effects

   - The complexity of modeling
   - Climate skeptics
   - 1st Taylor model
   - Sustainable energy system considerations
   - CO2 concentration vs. global temperature change
   - Energy consumption vs. global temperature change
   - Calculation
   - Summary

• The social crisis

   - Hiding real facts from public
   - Desertification of agricultural land
   - Mudslides, fast flows, tornadoes, ice showers and drought
   - Higher demand for agricultural land and its products
   - Drastic increase of climate refugees
   - Increasing poverty in Global level
   - New anti-capitalist and populist movements
   - What may we learn from Migrant Crisis in Eurasia in 2015?

• What Stakeholders can do in the next?

   - How to do it well? Amendments for people
   - How to do it well? Amendments for companies
   - How to do it well? Amendments for states and decision makers
   - How to do it well? Amendments for Scientists

• Predictions for 22nd Century

• Epilogue

   - Statement list

• Appendixes


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