Biography - Istvan Szabo PhD

47 years old. His basic diploma is about Electrical engineering MSc in 1992. He got his PhD in 1998 at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) about Solar Powered Power Supply System electronics optimization. He completed an MBA course at BUTE in collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology, in 2006 at faculty of Human Resource management.

He worked on R&D and in operation at electronics industrial companies in several Engineering and Engineering management position. He has several year project management and marketing management experience as well. He has been working for a consulting firm on Business Development and new-technologies’ based project generation issues.

He has comprehensive system view with strategic approaches and he has intuitive solution researcher attitude. He is looking continuously and relentlessly for optimization potentials and also his aim is to develop solutions including unexpected combination of distant disciplines.

His research field is applied SmartGrids and advanced Project Generation in Spatial Development. Finding connections between disciplines, creating analog models with using existing ones in a new environment are key research methods, and mind experiments and vision creations are key solution searching tools. As hopeless as interesting a new problem for him.

He is editorial board member of International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy at Science Publishing Group, NY. (

He is regular lecturer at University of Dunaujvaros (


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